About Me - Colleen Johnson 

M.Ed (Counselling & Education) (Cum Laude); B.Ed (Counselling & Education) (Cum Laude); Forensic Certificate; Special Interest in Neuropsychology; (SACNA)

Psychologist, with a special interest in Forensic & Neurodevelopmental Psychology. Lifestyle & Executive Coach. Educational & Career Assessments. Lecturer.

Why Choose Me?

I possess the required skills and knowledge to assist you on either an individual or corporate level.  With commendable experience and expertise, I can meaningfully assist in the achievement of personal goals and objectives. 

In mediation, couples, and divorce therapy I am a confident negotiator placing emphasis on high-quality outcomes. 

I am able to bring creative, empathetic and fun methodologies when working with children.

Access & Custody Evaluations

Child Play Therapy

Divorce Therapy

Individual Therapy

School Readiness

Couples Therapy